How To Download Torrents Safely (3 TIPS & TRICKS for everyone)

Did you hear about the Boston University student who was forced to pay $675,000 for some music?

Well, he got caught torrenting.

You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, right? That’s why you should be smart and use a VPN while using torrents.

Do you know how?

Then it’s your lucky day, because I’m about to explain.

And I’ll let you in on a secret. If you follow this link, you’ll find an awesome deal waiting for you, so don’t miss your opportunity.

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Now let’s be real, downloading torrents can be quite dangerous and I don’t mean that you can get some malware through untrustworthy websites. That’s a possibility, sure, but it’s not the main problem.

Since every time you download without a protected internet connection, you’re taking a big risk.

You need to know how to download torrents without risking your privacy.

To do this, you guessed it, you need a VPN, but that’s not all you need to protect yourself and download torrents safely. There are some other crucial factors that you’ve got to know about, and I’m going to share these later in this post.

These are the three steps which are essential to downloading torrents.

Now, there are possible dangers on every step of this journey; dangers that can be avoided by using a VPN.

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How to download torrents safely using a VPN.

VPNs hide your IP address and makes it look like your traffic is coming from an entirely different location.

To download torrents anonymously and avoid staying out of trouble, using VPN is crucial.

For this tutorial, I’m using PureVPN.

It’s one of my favorite VPN services as of the moment. And if you want to bag it yourself, go ahead and check out the latest PureVPN deals here.

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How to torrent with a VPN

Open your VPN app and log in. You need to connect to a VPN server to encrypt your data and hide your current location. But top VPNs have massive server fleets, so which server should you pick?

A handy tip to keep in mind when you’re using a VPN is that the closer your VPN server is to your current location, the faster your speeds will be.

For example, if you pick a server in a nearby city or even in France which is near the country I’m in, my speeds will be faster than if I connect to a server in South America on the other side of the world.

On top of this, some quality VPNs actually have dedicated torrenting servers. These are optimized for P2P traffic and are usually highly secure.

PureVPN has dedicated P2P servers with extra security pre-installed so we are covered here.

To find PureVPN torrenting servers, head over to the PureVPN app, change to “file-sharing” mode and then connect to any server with the P2P label. There’s a “kill switch” button in your VPN client which you can activate for extra security.

To enable kill switch in PureVPN, go to preferences, then go to advanced options, then click on “Activate Internet Kill Switch”.

If you’re using PureVPN and you really want to find out which is the absolute best server for you to torrent with, you just need to check if the server has a label of “P2P”.

PureVPN Servers with P2P Torrenting and File-sharing

These PureVPN servers support torrents:

P2P torrenting supported countries

Note: You will not be able to carry out any torrenting activity on some server locations where it is completely illegal by law to torrent. In fact, PureVPN has blocked P2P/Filesharing on these locations in accordance to the Global Web Policy. Some of these locations include: United Kingdom (UK) , United States (US), Canada, Australia etc.

For torrenting, I’d recommend using OpenVPN UDP. It achieves a good speed and is preferred among torrent users. You can also try the protocols yourself to check which one works best for you.

Finding a Good Torrent Client

Now that you know how to download torrents anonymously using a VPN, here are some other absolutely crucial things you need to know before you download a torrent.

First, to download torrents safely, you need a reliable torrent client.

A reliable program for torrenting is going to make sure you can download the complete file while staying safe. These are all popular good quality torrenting clients: BitTorent, uTorrent, Vuze, qBittorrent, Deluge.

I’ve tested most of these out and uTorrent is my personal favorite. It’s simple to download and install. Just visit the website and go through the download and install process as you would any other program. It’s also free, so there’s nothing to lose.

At this point in the tutorial, you’re anonymous and protected with a VPN, and you have an excellent torrenting client installed, but before you hop onto a torrenting site, you need to make sure that you’ve set a default download location so that you can easily find your files.

To do this, go to “Options” in your torrenting client, then hit “Preferences”. Select “Directories” and add your preferred location. Hit OK, and you’re good to go.

Finding a Good Torrent Site

Next, you need to find an excellent website to download files from. It needs to be trustworthy, easy to sort and navigate, and have lots of file options.

These sites often come and go, so I can’t really share a good list with you, but I can recommend you a few things to do when looking for one.

Keep in mind that torrenting websites are in a somewhat shady internet neighborhood where hackers and viruses may lurk.

To stay safe, always browse these sites with your VPN on. Also install good anti-malware and antivirus programs to protect you in case you click on ghost links or are otherwise redirected to malicious sites.

How to Download Safely and Effectively

When you search for a title on a torrenting site, tens or hundreds of versions of the same file may show up. It can be tough to know which one to pick, but here are a few things to note.

1. Check how many seeders the torrent has. More means more sources for your file and better speeds.

2. Read the description.

3. Check the comments which may have useful information to save you some time.

Also, you should always download the files via a magnet link when that’s available.

A magnet links hands your torrent client the information it needs to start downloading the file. It’s faster and more convenient than downloading a torrent file, which is a small separate file containing the information needed to download the larger file.

When you select a magnet link, you’ll get a pop-up showing you that it’s about to download.

To download torrents safely, you should usually only download the movie file (if it’s a movie) and uncheck the rest of the files. Since harmful content often lurks right there.

This is also an excellent opportunity to make sure that the movie file format is actually supported by your device.

If you have any doubts about the file you’re downloading, run it through an antivirus program once the download is done to check for threats.

Now that you know how to download torrents safely, I urge you to get yourself a VPN by using this link. You will be saving yourself a lot of time and money by taking advantage of the deals right there.

Thanks for Reading!

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